Experience based designs

All our creative works inspired by people how they think or react to spaces so that the projects are meaningful and continue to be relevant over time.

Worldwide Projects

Heres what we have worked with
Over the few years, Box Architecture and Design company became an international company by working with several projects in different countries such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Montenegro and South Africa.

Our Services

We work on a wide range of projects;

Residential, commercial, retail and hospitality

Interior Design

Interior design is constantly evolving, moving and adapting to the times. Thus, designing unique and up to date interiors are our priority.

Expreriential/ Concept Design

The speciality area of our company is designing experience in interior space that evokes people inner feelings.


In architecture projects, it is important to understand the client’s wishes about the project and we combine it with our philosophy. Layers that have been influenced by progress in the design process of projects, social, cultural, structural, and even project implementation details.


For the residential projects, considering how space will be used based on the client’s requirements is the foundation for the design process. For the retail, commercial, and hospitality projects, the essential point of the design is to create an interior that reflects the brand identity. Furthermore, since space is the visual advertisement of the brands, attraction points and having a different type of experiences are adding value to the projects.


Brands are developing new marketing ideas to be successful in competition between each other. They have began to use experiential design as a marketing strategy. Experiencing spaces creates a signification of people’s lives, and spaces can have a paricular role in originating specialized experiences. Therefore, there is a key role for us, because it is not only about decorating a space but more about designing experience through space. Understanding how to design a perceived space for the purpose of brand strategy becomes significant at this point.

Today, we are working on conceptual projects for retail, commercial, and hospitality projects to create their identity. Our philosophy is to design interiors that reflect the identity of the brands.

Also, we work on experiential areas that evokes people inner feelings. Sensory experiences are created through sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell which appeal to the five senses. Thus, the idea is to bring new unique experiences that attract people.